Download and install the full client to play ConquerLords for free.


Description: English Full Client
Size: 2.22 GB
Type: exe


Description: English Full Patch
Size: 408 MB
Type: exe


Description: Arabic Full Client
Size: 2.1 GB
Type: exe

System Requirement

Check the specifications of your system to ensure it is able to run the game.

Basic System Requirement Recommended System
O/S: Windows 2000/XP/Vista Windows 2000/XP
CPU: P3-800 MHz or higher CPU P4-1.5Ghz or above
Memory: 128MB or more 256MB or more
Video Card: 16MB, DirectX3D,TNT2M64 64MB, GeForce2 or above
Sound Card: DirectSound or 100% compatible DirectX 9 or compatible
Hard Disk: 2.0GB or more 4.0GB or more
Connection: Modem 56K or better ADSL or Cable modem